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Broken Annular Eclipse, Inman, SC - USA       30 May 1984

Broken Annular Eclipse, Inman, SC - USA       30 May 1984



Annularity lasted less than 13 seconds at this location. The moon was surrounded by a necklace of brilliant sunlight in a deep dark blue sky. As the moon crossed the sun's disk, these beads of sunlight broke apart and rejoined.

This was a difficult eclipse to plan. The track at this point was only about 8 kilometers across. This was an earlier time where one had to buy topographic maps and plot the track from a table, using a pencil, calculator and ruler and double-checking to ensure precision. There is scant margin for error with eclipses like this.

The original plan was to view near the maximum point in Petersburg, VA. However, a cold front stalled off the coast and clouds covered the path east of Greensboro, NC. Therefore, we eclipse chasers got the word from Joe Rao and sped towards Atlanta for clear skies. Fortunately, my cousin was then studying chiropractic in Boiling Springs, SC, so that turned out to be a logical destination. I still considered this part of America as exotic, so having him there, familiar with the territory and the back roads, was a great help. We found the intersection of River Oak and Rainbow Lake Roads which intersected with the center line and as one can see from this image, my plot was correct.

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