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Solar Corona, Bucharest - Romania       11 August 1999

Solar Corona, Bucharest - Romania       11 August 1999



Totality from Bucharest. Romania was suffering a record heat wave and temperatures were forecast to reach 42 C with extreme humidity for that afternoon. The moon may have saved lives.

However, a band of cloudiness floated in from the northwest, and covered the sky in the morning. So the expedition chose to move to the Black Sea. However, we had delays and ended up in northwest Bucharest, figuring that we outran the clouds. However, this mosture came on us at mid-eclipse. We were fortunate to have seen all of totality; crowds in the city center saw nothing of it. Our original site was clear.

The corona shows a typical maximum configuration, round and full of powerful and complex magnetic fields creating the many streamers. We observed several bright prominences along the lunar limb.

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